XGold Corporation (XG) is a Real Physical Gold production company that owns interests in various Real Physical Gold production mines, and with additional long term contractual commitments from other Real Physical Gold provider sources who operate Real Physical Gold machinery for the purpose of producing Real Physical Gold.


Our team consists of mining professionals, engineers, banking professionals, legal representatives, computer scientists, field workers, managers, machine operators, surveyors, analysts, prospectors and financial traders. Each of us individually and as a collective group are determined to democratize Gold as a commodity and allow every type of investor everywhere, especially the bitinvestor, access to its purchase and all its benefits.

From Hedging against potential losses in other investment portfolios, or Safe Haven investing by protecting against global catastrophe, or simply investing in Gold as a direct investment, or even using Gold to pay bills, buying Gold is a smart decision. Gone are the days of only having access to Gold coins (higher than on the SPOTpricing) or having to buy jewelry to get Gold (higher Gold prices because it has some aesthetic appeal, like a pretty chain). Today, we at XGold offer our clients access to our Gold supplies via the exchanged of our digital XGold Coin on the Blockchain application Ethereum. A (DAO) decentralized platform that runs on ERC23 Smart Contracts that perform exactly as programmed without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or third party interference. It makes the perfect trading platform for Xgold.


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