What is a ICO?

ICO stands for “Initial Coin Offering” and it is a means of raising crypto-currency through a “crowd-funding” campaign by distributing Coins to Coin Traders. A digital trading Coin is issued for a specific purpose for platform utility. 

Who is XGold Corporation?

Xgold is a UAE Dubai company with offices in Panama, Central America doing business with Gold Producers both big and small globally. We work towards sustainable futures for everyone involved in our business with particular emphasis on ensuring profits cover people, futures and the environment.

When does the PRE-ICO start?

The PRE-ICO starts on December 11, 2017.

What is the current trade value of Xgold Coin?

Todays value is just under $40.00 USD. XGold coin is based on 1 gram of Gold

How many coins will be offered during the PRE-ICO?

XGold will offer 500,000 Coins. Our minimum amount for this Pre-ICO will be 125,000 and our Hard Cap amount will be 4,000,000 Coins.

What is the principle idea behind XGold?

XGold is ultimately a Gold buying company. XGold buys low and sells higher.

How do I get XGold coins?

You can utilize XGC at an offering, on our site or through a crypto-currency exchange.

Which exchanges will list XGold?

We will have final contracts with the exchanges to be listed soon.

What about company profits?

A portion of the transaction profits during a “buy-sell” operation is invested in the Gold production process to increase the production, and, also in additional mine analysis for future production. Portions of profit are also used for “profit sharing” in the form of discounted gold that we offer directly.

Where can I get help or find out more information?

Do you have a hard cap and a soft cap?

Our Hard Cap will be 4,000,000 XGold Coins. Our Soft Cap will be 500,000 XGold Coins. And, the minimum target is 125,000 XGold Coins.

When will I receive my XGold Coins?

XGold Coin buyers will receive their coins upon completion of the trade determined in Smart Contract.

I have followed all the instructions and still have not received my XGold Coins?

Submit a ticket on our website or Email: Coindesk@xgold.com.pa to have a ticket opened.

Is there a maximum exchange of XGold Coins?

Max Trade: $10,000 USD value in Equivalent Euro/GBP – If you wish to trade more than $10,000 worth of XGold please contact CoinDesk@xgold.com.pa– subject: Max

What Crypto-Currency Coins/Tokens can I use to trade XGold Coins?

We are currently accepting : Ethereum 

Can I redeem Real Physical Gold with my XGold Coins?

Absolutely, in the 4th Quarter of 2018 XGold Bullion center will accept your XGold Coins as a trade option for Real Gold . You can exchange in the whole form of 1 gram or 1 ounce unit Gold pieces only.

Do not send ether to XGC Coin ICO from an exchange!

DO NOT send your token from any exchange! If you did it, try to contact the exchange and ask them to transfer your tokens back, because it’s in their wallet. Though some people get help from the exchange, most of the times the exchange won’t help and you lose your funds. However, we cannot issue XGC to people who made the mistake, since the tokens are automatically issued by the crowdsale contract, and we cannot control this process.


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