XGold Coin (XGC) is a gold backed digital crypto-currency option. What makes it different from the 1000 or so other crypto-currency choices available is that it has Real Physical Value.

XGold Corporation (XG) is a Real Physical Gold production company that owns interests in various Real Physical Gold production mines, and with additi
onal long term contractual commitments from other Real Physical Gold provider sources who operate Real Physical Gold machinery for the purpose of producing Real Physical Gold.

XGold Coin (XGC) is a gold backed digital crypto-currency option. What makes it different from the 1000 or so other crypto-currency choices available is that it has Real Physical Value: it is in fact valued against Real Physical Gold. The price of one XGC Coin at our initial pricing is based on a single gram of Gold. That makes the XGC Coin’s initial value the equivalent of $40.00 USD today. But, is it worth that? XGC is worth that and more! Here’s how:

XGold Company operates by “buying and selling” Gold. XGold buys low and sells higher. The spread – the profit made on the transaction – is reinvested in the purchase of more Gold, the profit made is also reinvested in advanced production equipment to increase Gold production, and further, profit made in the form of “profit sharing” is used to sell Gold at a discount to traders of XGold Coins. And, what’s more, each XGold Coin is redeemable at the XGold Bullion Centre for Real Physical Gold.

Concomitantly, XGold Coins gain momentum because they understandably have an underlying minimum redemption value. And, XGold Coin traders begin to use XGC in exchange for other goods and services. As XGC increases in popularity it begins to gain value beyond its underlying asset price. It gets used in areas like “trade remittance” where nations like “India or Mexico” for example, who value Gold very highly and trust the value of Gold to be stable begin to see it as a vehicle for utility. And, as transactions fly around, data-mining increases in activity and in cost and thus extrinsically push the utility of XGC up and increase the total value of the Coin.

Now, in this example, many associated reasons increase the value of this utility: very low transactional fees compared with other trade remittance operations, no restrictions in sending in either direction, fast and efficient process of sending with zero issues of picking up “fiat” at local money centers, almost zero paperwork involved and entirely decentralized, and no limits to the transmittal amounts.

Carrying this example still further, a Trader of an XGC Coin may wish to exchange it for Real Physical Gold. Now, the Coin has a far higher value than at original trade: adding the discount to the increase and the spread could be substantial. At XGold Bullion Centre it could be exchanged for the same value as many Coins – many grams of Real Physical Gold. What happens to the XGC Coin after redemption? XGold Bullion Centre pass the coin back through the exchange for either Fiat or another form of crypto-currency creating a zero sum for XGold.

And, as stated, the Coin trader may use the Coin to purchase goods, or exchange for other things and thus by exchanging, the Coin miners are put to work actively pushing up the value of the Coin. The greater the activity, the greater the exposure, the greater the utility and the greater the extrinsic value. And, as the benefits of utility become popular the Coin becomes the optimal choice for exchange.

Indeed, XGold can have a greater value than the initial value. And, an even greater value if XGold is used as the currency of exchange when purchasing Gold from the production source. In this example, the producers of Gold create personal or business Crypto-Wallets that operate as payment centers to receive payment from the purchase of Gold. And, the workers also accept XGold as payment for labor. The earned XGC Coins can be spent on goods and services at the mining facilities/concessions etc, but also exchanged for other goods and services or even other crypto-currencies.

Not long ago, every US Dollar Bill was redeemable for a set quantity of gold. Thus, dividing the total US Dollar Bills (liabilities) with the total amount of the US government’s official Gold holdings (estimated at two hundred eight seven million ounces) values an ounce of Gold at fifteen thousand five hundred dollars Based on the M1 money supply (cash and checking deposits) using the same math equation values Gold at approximately ten thousand eight hundred dollars an ounce.

Is Gold a mispriced asset? Wall Street insist on its character as a commodity, but those uses are negligible. Its real power is in its wealth preservation.

We think the Real Value of Gold is in how you use it. We see XGold Coins as the perfect medium for exchange: XGold is backed by Gold, maintains Gold value as a commodity and is a mechanism for wealth preservation. So, whether the Global Market values Gold at fifteen thousand dollars or fifteen hundred dollars XGold hedges all possibilities.

XGold Coin, a hedge against all possibilities.

At XGold, we use the term Utility to stipulate benefits of using one “thing” over other “things”. A simple example might be that we use Gold over Silver because on a global scale Gold is more sought after, and, if we are interested in maintaining a “liquid /easy to transfer into cash” investment portfolio we might believe that Gold will be easier to exchange for something we are looking to buy than Silver. This is not to say that Silver is “illiquid/not easy to turn into cash”, but, Gold has a greater utility than Silver and therefore, we make the choice that Gold is a better product as we have more options when we use it.

Going a little further, we can also say that Gold is not only considered a good general investment, but it is in itself a commodity that has a limited supply: it is more rare in the market than other commodities and this produces a stable value. This stability in itself allows for an increase in the utility of Gold directly because its rareness allows for a stability in its perceived value: we think it is worth more because there is less of it around.

Now, if we create a digital version of the gold supply, for example, XGold Coins, and limit their existence in terms of the amount that are available to the public we have in effect mirrored the utility of Gold directly. And, further, if we base XGold Coin on the Blockchain platform Ethereum we have immediately created a system that allows all XGold Coin Holders and XGold Coin Traders to use XGold for any purchase in any market as long as XGold is accepted – rather like Visa or MasterCard is accepted or not accepted. Further, we can ensure XGold Coin is acceptable by the very action of using it for purchasing things directly, then we have magnified its utility and increased its intrinsic value beyond the value of its underlying value in Gold.

Compare this argument to Bitcoin. Bitcoins utility as a store of value is entirely dependent on its use as a medium of exchange: will someone accept it or not! If no one accepts it then it is worthless. Thus, no intrinsic value, no value in itself.

XGold Coins however, have intrinsic value as they are linked to the value of Gold in the market place and can be redeemed for Real Physical Gold. And, furthermore, XGold has extrinsic value in the same way that Bitcoin has extrinsic value: XGold Coins can be used to buy goods and services in the marketplace.And, therefore, the more we use XGold Coin, the more it is accepted for use, the greater the intrinsic value.

XGold Coins are therefore a useful and safe option as a crypto-currency because they have both intrinsic value (linked to the value of Real Physical Gold) and extrinsic value as XGold Coins can be exchanged for goods and services including exchanging for other crypto-currencies. Further, it is the growing integration of XGold Corporation that will promote an  increase in the frequency of traders to exchange ALT Coins for XGC, thus, increasing use.  XGC will become fully vertically integrated, including a Bullion Centre and a Metals Refinery in the heart of Central America fully catering to the massive Gold Market of the Americas. It is not hard to imagine, XGold Corporation plans to promote XGC Coin as the gold coin of exchange and in doing so push the utility of XGC right through the roof.

XGold Coin, a hedge against all possibilities.


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TRADE (XGC) XGold Coin 2 Million Coin Offering11 March 2018 - 10 April 2018 ERC20 CONTRACT ADDRESS

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XGold Coin XGC is the solution to the purchase of Gold in the Global market place.

XGold provides a decentralized platform running on ERC23 Smart Contracts that allows for Large Global Gold “Buy-Sell” contracts to transact on the Blockchain. The process increases the profits for the seller as banking and transactional fees are almost removed. As much as XGold has created this system for its own purpose, it is true that any seller of Gold could deposit Gold at the XGold Bullion Centre and close on their own “buy-sell” transaction using the Bullion Centre as a refinery and escrow facility. Purchase transactional fees could be settled in XGC and payments would be immediate and fraud free. Anyone who has ever purchased Gold knows very well how difficult Gold procedures are, especially with all the intermediary distractions. XGold’s vertical solution has simplified the process, created a fraud free environment, reduced costs, and removed the “fiat” interloper! What could be better.


Mining operations meeting Bolivia – crypto discussions


Additional meetings for mines in Bolivia – Crypto Gold

Meetings in Brazil for Gold buy-sell to crypto conversions

Contractual negotiations, focus meetings, regional developmental analysis


Coordinating mines in Bolivia, Brazil

Extensive contactual arrangements

Contractual reviews, agglomeration analysis for

service and gold crypto conversions


Mining research crypto with mine

owners Colombia, Ecuador

African research: Sierra Leone,

requirements, crypto partnerships


XGold development, theory, research

as business plan Aligning key interests

in South American mining operations for crypto.

Sierra Leone: expanded discussions

crypto for gold. Service industry support thru

crypto Research for Company shipping, insurance,

financial needs, corporate, personnel, office


Company Offline site development, Corporate

analysis, legal framework, jurisdictions

Cost Benefits, Cost Associations, Opportunity,

Environmental impact as general cost, social awareness

and development contributions, sustainability issues.


Development of site presence, corporate

paperwork, whitepaper research group,

interactions with partners in South America.

Discussions with Asia Strategic partnerships,

funding options, marketing, optics, legal review.


PRE-TRADE – 15 DECEMBER, 2017 – 10 January, 2018

Offering 500,000 XGold Coins

XGold will be Semi-Operational




Distribution of 1,000,000 XGold Coins

XGold will be Operational.

Analysis of equipment requirements

for Colombia.


Last Offering – Distribution of 2,500,000 XGold Coins


Complete Colombia documentation.

Establish requirements for Ecuador.

Develop plans for company refinery.


Developmental analysis for additional production centers.

Emphasis on Asian and African partners.

Finish Refinery. Work towards regional Bullion center.


XGold Coin redemption for XCoin Traders

looking to redeem for Real Physical Gold.

Refinery continued.

Advance banking for production sellers.


Coin Offering – Market Driven.

Begin Asian and African integration

into business agglomeration plan.


Complete final plans of company refinery.


Second Report of Company

Advance business in Africa and Asia



XGold Coin (XGC) is a Real Physical Gold based opportunity built on Ethereum Blockchain that allows Coin Traders to generate and trade gains from the trading of discounted Coins linked to the LBMA 2nd fix price of Gold. XGC is linked to the 

stability of an established Global Commodity, but with the potential to rise high above through economic flexibility and advanced market utility.  Exchanged through Smart Contracts, XGC offers traders a safe foot into the Gold 

market but with ability to redeem XGC for Gold at the XGold Bullion Centre. Plans for Vertically Integrated Management Systems for Gold production with“buy-sell” global network using XGC as medium of exchange.


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